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Want to slow illegal immigration? Cut Demand – seems easy enough.

How do we stop illegal immigration? WE CUT OFF THE DEMAND – THAT’s HOW. SO, what is the demand – unprecedented unemployment in less than favorable-temporary jobs in which employers cannot find an adequate supply of labor is one of them.



ARGUE all you want about having plenty of U.S. Workers to take labor intense positions IT is a MYTH. How do I know? Because I get hundreds of calls and emails a day from desperate employers who need temporary staff to mow lawns, mine quarries, install roofs, build roads – well you get the picture.


Those employers have begged state workforce agencies for referrals, run employment ads on online boards and in local newspapers.  THESE ARE DOCUMENTED FACTS – THEY CAN’T FIND LEGAL workers.


With unemployment at 4.1% and MOST economists agreeing that 5% unemployment  is as close to FULL employment as we will get – EMPLOYERS in sectors that attract non-documented workers are NOW looking for labor in ANY way they can – THUS YOU HAVE YOUR DEMAND.


The U.S. NEEDS a functioning non-immigrant Visa Program .  We have such a program in the H-2B Guest Worker Program.  Sadly, it is a terribly broken but fixable.  Serious lack of knowledge, misinformation and possibly racial bias is keeping it broken.


Without the H-2B program, we have a demand which will encourage illegal entry – it is that simple folks.   Argue that we have plenty of unemployed people in the U.S. – BUT IF THEY DON’T WANT TO WORK – what should a small seasonal employer do?  Go find unemployed individuals and put them in chains and force them to work?   forced labor

YA – it doesn’t work that way.  People are free to work or not to work, we don’t do forced work camps any more.  Give me a better solution to offer those thousands of employers – struggling to stay in business – competing against OTHER employers who are hiring non-documented workers.


YOU can’t compete when your competitors are not regulated on the wages they can pay and are not paying their share of taxes. GIVE ME SOLUTIONS.


There are 7.2 million jobs (RIGHT NOW) – with 6 million unemployed.  PLEASE do not tell me if these employers paid more they could find workers…. SERIOUSLY, we are talking entry level – HOLD THE WEED-WACKER kind of jobs here – and they pay from 12.00 to 17.00 per hour – not bad entry level wages.  YET even when offered jobs – PEOPLE AREN’T SHOWING UP FOR WORK or they show up day one and DO NOT COME BACK DAY TWO.

shove it

I have stats – so really – not going there and not being nice about it anymore.

Don’t go into the Social welfare reform argument either – PLEASE!  That is not a problem the EMPLOYER can fix. THAT is a problem for CONGRESS to solve. IT’s broken – FIX IT – until then we need a fall back system for employers THAT have jobs available NOW– that SUPPORT OTHER JOBS – that AMERICANS do want and WILL DO.

IF YOU ARE against illegal immigration – you are by DEFAULT for the H-2B Guest worker program – IT is a LEGAL program for employers struggling in industries that are notorious for using non-documented workers.

IF YOU ARE against the welfare state – then lobby congress to fix that – BUT DO NOT PUNISH LAW ABIDING EMPLOYERS fighting for their companies and their AMERICAN STAFF’S jobs.

COME ON GUYS !   GET WITH THE PROGRAM – SUPPORT Your Small Business Owning Friends.  #SaveH2B



2 thoughts on “Want to slow illegal immigration? Cut Demand – seems easy enough.”

  1. If a criminal kicks in the door to your house and demands things from you, it’s called a home INVASION.
    Immigration is what happens when someone takes the correct legal steps to come into this country. Entering the country without taking those steps is illegal INVASION.
    We have plenty of unemployed people in the U.S. because we have a fiscally unsupportable welfare system that, by global living standards, lavishly rewards people for NOT WORKING!


    1. Not arguing with you about any of that – I agree.

      BUT it is not in the realm of possibility for small seasonal employers to resolve issues with welfare programs – so let us let those employers grow and create more and better jobs. Thanks for the comment.


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